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What Program is Right for Our Family?

Our Club will be offering four available program choices when Registration Opens in September.   For parents that are unsure of what program is right for your wrestler this upcoming season, The Wall Knights Wrestling Club offers these suggestions to help you with determining the right program for your family.  All of our programs will heavily focus on wrestling fundamentals, sportsmanship, being a team player, and having fun.


Our Advanced program is for all wrestlers in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade regardless of wrestling experience.  The program would also be suited for wrestlers from 1st grade through 5th grade with a fair amount of wrestling experience (Usually a couple hundred hours or more of mat time through prior years of wrestling experience or wrestling at a year round wrestling club).  The advanced program will begin the season with reviewing the fundamentals and basics of wrestling but the training will incorporate more advanced techniques as the season progresses.  The advanced program curriculum encompasses more techniques than our beginner/intermediate program due to the presumption that older wrestlers will learn skills faster and experienced wrestlers will only be reviewing the fundamentals of wrestling making them ready to learn new skills to enhance their wrestling repertoire and ensure that they continue to develop.   The cost of the program is $180.00 and it includes training with our advanced group as well as the option to drill with the beginner/intermediate group which practices on the same night.

Our 2 JSJWL Travel Teams consist of wrestlers who practice with our advanced program.  All wrestlers that wish to compete in JSJWL League matches should register in our advanced program.  There is not an additional cost associated with wrestling on the JSJWL Travel Team when a wrestler registers for our advanced program.  It is mandatory that anyone wishing to compete on the Travel Team makes one practice with our club per week.  Our wrestlers that wrestle on the JSJWL roster are the wrestlers who earn a spot on the travel team by being the best wrestler in the weight class.  All advanced wrestlers that do not make the JSJWL roster will have numerous chances to compete in our DEVO (Developmental Program) as well as in tournaments that are appropriate to the wrestlers experience level.   The difference in a JSJWL Travel Match and DEVO is that in JSJWL Travel Matches a team score is kept.  DEVO matches, although we encourage wrestlers to always give their best effort, do not keep team score and they are designed to develop wrestlers confidence so that they can reach the next level of competition.


Our Intermediate Program is designed for wrestlers in first or second grade that have one or more years of wrestling experience as well as all wrestlers in 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade that would not be considered advanced.  The Intermediate Groups goals are to develop a solid foundation of wrestling basics with heavy repetition, while developing a wrestlers understanding of the sport to compete at a higher level.  Intermediate Group wrestlers will develop strength and conditioning while building muscle memory to perform the skills taught by our experienced coaching staff.  Both our Beginner and Intermediate group wrestlers will have the opportunity to compete in DEVO matches where there is an emphasis on matching them up with wrestlers from other wrestling programs that will be competitive matches. The cost of our Intermediate Group Program is $140.00.       


Our Beginner Program is designed for wrestlers from kindergarten through 2nd grade with minimal or no wrestling experience.  The program will concentrate heavily on teaching wrestling basics, teaching wrestling rules, and building muscle memory so that wrestling fundamentals become second nature.  Both our Beginner and Intermediate group wrestlers will have the opportunity to compete in DEVO matches where there is an emphasis on matching them up with wrestlers from other wrestling programs that will be competitive matches.  The cost of the Beginner/Intermediate program is $125.00.


The Girls Program which has just been added to our Group Choices is a program that is exclusively for Girls and it is designed and intended to garner interest from Girls in Wall Township and surrounding towns to wrestle.   Based on feedback from many parents who believe that wrestling would be beneficial for their daughters however their is a hesitancy to allow them to compete or train with boys, the program is set up to have one weekly practice with only girls.    The girls will have the oppertunity to learn wrestling, make friends, and develop workout partners during the weekly practices and if they choose to, they can also attend practices for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced groups based on their skill level and age.   The girls can coordinate with workout partners from the girls only practices and then attend the boys practices with their workout partners so that they will still continue to only train with fellow girl wrestlers.   Due to this being the first season of the Girls program, the price is extremely affordable to try to try to build the program.   To ensure their is a good amount of girls in the room, we are partnering in the 2021-2022 season with the Howell Predators.  The Cost of the Girls Program is $50.00.

See the JSJWL page and What is DEVO pages under Parents Information for further information. 
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