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The Wall Knights Wrestling Club had started a tradition of hosting an end of the Year Awards Night in which special awards were given to deserving recipients.   The idea for a formalized awards night had come from the Howell Predators model for their annual awards night which recognized outstanding individual achievements of wrestlers in the program each year at an event the entire program was invited to.    Since the 2017-2018 Season, record has been kept of the WKWC Award Recipients from Awards Night and the recipients are listed below.   

The Awards that are Given out on awards night include:

Team Captains-Captains are awarded each season with something at awards night as a keepsake to remember that the coaches had viewed them as the leaders in the wrestling room.   The captains are usually experienced wrestlers or  in 7th or 8th grade that younger wrestlers look up to.

Rising Star-Awarded to a Wrestler who has his first year in the JSJWL and is clearly going to be a wrestler to watch in the years to come.   It is the WKWC version of Rookie of the Year

Most Improved-Awarded to a wrestler in the program who shows the most improvement from one season to the next or the most improvement over the course of the season

Most Dedicated-Awarded to the Wrestler that has shown the most dedication to the team and to bettering himself/herself over the course of the wrestling season.   Things which are considered are practice attendance, match and tournament attendance, wrestling at clubs, wrestling at middle school, etc.

Female Wrestler of the Year-The WKWC recognizes the growth of girls wrestling and has taken strides to be a pioneer in the development of the girls wrestling program.   Each year we have had a handful of girls wrestlers in the club and the number continues to grow.   In time we hope to have a series of awards for the girls as we do the boys in the program when the number of girls wrestling is big enough.   Each year we give the female wrestler of the year award to a girl wrestler who has the most success either in competing with boys or against other girls. Award was started in the 2020-2021 Season.

Leadership Award-Awarded to a wrestler who has shown great leadership abilities and that other members of the team look up to.   It is usually awarded to a team captain that exhibits traits such as sportsmanship, tremendous work ethic, and commitment.  Award was started in 2021-2022 Season.

Hammer Award-The second highest honor in the program for a given season.   It is given to a wrestler who comes up big for the team when needed, scores bonus points when needed, or
the wrestler who seems to sway the momentum of the team towards the WKWC due to his/her efforts in team matches.    

Outstanding Wrestler Award-Awarded to the wrestler that means the most to his team over the course of the season.   This typically goes to the wrestler with the best record as well as the most notable accomplishments during the course of a season.  Other considerations include intangible factors which make the wrestler standout amongst everyone else, such as leadership abilities, commitment to the team, coming up big in clutch situations, etc.  

2017-2018 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-Andrew D'Arcy, Nick Vetrano, Tommy Violanzis
Rising Star-Danny D'Arcy
Most Improved Wrestler-Michael O'Connor
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Nick Vetrano
Hammer Award-Andrew Fischer
Outstanding Wrestler-Andrew D'Arcy

2018-2019 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-Nick Vetrano
Rising Star-Michael Boulard
Most Improved Wrestler-Chris Petruzziello
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Matt D'Arcy
Hammer Award-Jaquari Meddler
Outstanding Wrestler-Nick Vetrano

2019-2020 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-Collin Roarty, Matt D'Arcy, Charlie Mahoney, Michael O'Connor
Rising Star-Jack Pressman
Most Improved Wrestler-Benjamin Waitzel
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Matt D'Arcy
Hammer Award-Donovan DiStefano
Outstanding Wrestler-Enzo Musiolowski

2020-2021 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-No Captains were named due to the JSJWL season being altered due to COVID 19.  The WKWC continued to compete throughout the season but there were no duel meets.
Rising Star-Leo Forbes
Most Improved Wrestler-Jeremy Marcella
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Anthony Warn
Female Wrestler of the Year-Grace DeBruin

Hammer Award-Danny D'Arcy
Outstanding Wrestler-Michael O'Connor

2021-2022 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-Benjamin Waitzel, Jeremy Marcella, Michael Boulard, Teag Saito
Rising Star-Braden Smigler
Most Improved Wrestler-Phil Cranwell
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Omar Carrillo
Female Wrestler of the Year-Sienna Mazzeo
Leadership Award-Jeremy Marcella
Hammer Award-Michael Boulard
Outstanding Wrestler-Leo Forbes

2022-2023 Season Award Recipients

Team Captains-All of the 8th Graders
Rising Star-Beau Spader
Most Improved Wrestler-Mason Distefano
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Johnny McCormack
Female Wrestler of the Year-Harley Hoffman
Leadership Award-Michael Boulard
Hammer Award-Parker Quinn
Outstanding Wrestler-Teag Saito

2023-2024 Season Awards Recipients
Team Captains-
Danny D'Arcy, Michael Boulard, Jack Moran, Colton Quinn, Mason DiStefano
Rising Star-Wyatt Bittner
Most Improved Wrestler-HJoseph D'Alessio
Most Dedicated Wrestler-Leo Forbes
Female Wrestler of the Year-Cadence Dangel
Leadership Award-Mason DiStefano
Hammer Award-Geno Musiolowski
Outstanding Wrestler-Colton Quinn

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